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Aqua Membrane Consultant

Due to the fact that AQUA MEMBRANE is impartial and independent of membrane manufactors and suppliers, AQUA MEMBRANE guarantees a clear cut expertise in case of malfunctioning of your systems and provides a flexible alternative to litigation in court.
AQUA MEMBRANE'S goals include the following:

  • On-site observations in presence of all parties
  • Writing of a report with suggestions
    for improvements and problem solving
  • Follow-up of the implementation and proper functioning
    of suggested corrective solutions
  • Suggestion for preventive actions
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Consultancy membrane filtration and water treatment ultrafiltration UF, microfiltation MF, nanofiltration NF, osmose inverse OI RO

AQUA MEMBRANE expert membrane filtration and water treatment. AQUA MEMBRANE proposes studies membrane filtration , audits membrane filtration , diagnostics membrane filtration and water treatment : water, drinking, wastewater, seawater, microfiltration, utrafiltration, organic, ceramic

Aqua Membrane is a consulting firm in membrane filtration applied to drinking water treatment, wastewater, seawater, industrial water for industry, reuse or irrigation. Technically he apprehends phenomena related to membrane technology, the development of membranes and problems, advantages and disadvantages of membrane technology, audit of units, autopsy of membranes and modules, management of blockage or clogging, backwash or backwashing, cleaning or clean in place or CIP including CEB or chemically enhanced backwash. Its mission is to advise and assist communities, consulting engineers, water treatment companies seeking assistance to project management. Ethics and independence do not allow to sell membranes or the sale of membranes systems for all applications including water systems for general use and drinking water as softeners, non-collective sanitation, pools, aquariums, hot springs and baths.